Friday, 1 May 2009

2am insomnia

I sang 'Lonely' by akon in front of a group of strangers.
Ah this is the life.
Aunties visited, and i think i scared quite a lot of them, but never mind.
Off to passively smoke in the living room before collapsing on a bed from the combined effects of heat and excessive food.

I actually feel in place here, it has a very different atmosphere,one which at first i thought i would never fit into, or like, but i was wrong.
iraq is incredibly cultural, and to my modern types, i spent the entire flight dreading what i would have to do. Nothing, i just have fun, and drown in the age and beauty of it all.
And noow i sound like a girl, well tough, i do mean it, and i'm actually having f-u-n.

you know when you just cant stop thinking bout something, and it feels like your head can't concentrate on anything else. its annoying to say the least, and no amount of shouting 'aahs' in the garden takes your mind off it, but only achieves making your relatives even more concerned for your mental health.

it is a topic which i thought i would never address, but i swear the environment in iraq causes stuff like this to happen.

too late to do anything about it though anyway.



  1. Mohamd,

    Just smile and be strong and don't take any pressure. Go to some good places in Baghdad, try to meet some new friends because I'm sure you'll find some thing nice just out there waiting you for too long.

    Take care,


  2. its so dizzying being here sometimes, and thank you for your advice.