Friday, 15 May 2009

Bitch Fit

I'm so goddamn bored.

I've been to some good restaurants here and there, one of which was called krispys or something.
I talk arabic to everyone now, because i am tired of mentally correcting everyones english when they talk to me, and what else.....?

The heat is going to get unbearable, and i'm trying to prepare myself for that so-hot-you-feel-you-just-pissed-yourself heat.

Oh, theres a lack of subtelty in iraqis that is endearing and hilarious. the other day a guy was trying to find information about someone or something, and instead of a general conversation leading to the topic, the poor guy just blurted everything out, while i nodded my head slowly pretending i was concerned (i was a bit, i just tend to switch off after a few minutes and revert to making crude jokes, or insulting people).

I'm kind of getting a bit creeped out by the large amount of chat requests i get on my messenger account. I realised a bit too late that here chat replaces normal conversations. Girls would spill their hearts and troubles over chat, but not open their mouths in real life. Guys would go prowling for girlfriends, and be suave, whereas spit at passersby in real life.
I kind of understand why the older generation keep moaning about a decrease in social etiquette now.

Oh, and my sister is embarrassing me to new heights, (the younger one), she acts as the perfect daughter in front of guests then spills poison and complains to me. Once annoyed because she was interrupting my movie watching, i shouted at her to stop being so perfect, and now the whole family thinks i'm trying to get her rebellious. Ouch.

And my nephew (yeah i'm an uncle), said his first words a few days ago. I have to say it here, because no one could stop laughing, (although a few got annoyed) that his first words was T's name.

hahaha, we've realised that its probably because he's heard her name screamed so many times. ;)


  1. Mohamad,

    Congratulation on becoming an uncle. I think the kid needs a kind uncle and I'm sure you have all what it takes to be a nice uncle.

    I believe there should be other reasons to explain why the kid's first word is Touta's name such as:

    1. Touta spent a considerable amount of time babysitting him during which she introduced her name repeatedly in a kind and civilised manner.

    2. Children are tend to love music and the fact that Touta's name is musical meant some enjoyment for the kid trying in his successful attempt to save her name in his row memory.

    3. Touta is an important personality in this house and the kid noticed from his early days that everybody in the house and outside the house is shouting her musical name so he said to himself let me try it, I may get some sweet if I try it.


  2. its hard looking after children though, i tend to spoil him- i fed him 3 eggs because he seemed hungry and for the rest of the day he slept!

    Thanks for the comment, and he said her name first probably because he runs after her a lot, and everyone shouts for her. :)
    Take care and regards.