Saturday, 9 May 2009


females and their nagging eh. it never stops.
therefore here i am blogging.
kurdistan has amazing nature. i mean really amazing.
but the atmosphere is so awkwardly bad, i didnt really enjoy any other aspect than the nature. the tension is laughable considering we are all iraqis, as is the border control.kurds, iraqis with foreign passports, rich arabs and politicians get through, and people who need a safe place are basically rejected.

theres cinemas, fancy restaurants, cool clothes shops, but unlike baghdad, it does lacks that unique atmosphere- and i'm half kurdish and saying this. it doesnt have that majestic age thing going, that baghdad does.

now back to baghdad, and my stay in iraq in general.
Fuck its annoying. the novelty has mentally worn out. i wake up with sand in my mouth, and even if i cover myself with a sheet, i still end up being covered in a sticky substance- a mixture of sand thats stuck to my sweat. try washing it off- almost impossible- it only happens again every night. i see why the guys here wear so much afetrshave now.

no lecture about history or beauty is going to make me want to change my mind. by all accounts, it is right here is home- its something different to have your family, and the ones you love close. and the calligraphic buildings , but the situation is just too much to bear.
for a while, you laugh at it-the bombs, the harrassment by police, the gunfire, the lack of water, but after a while, you wake up- touta is abroad doing exams now, and as she called her bro the other day, she confessed that she had not woken up in iraq.
you kind of start to form and invisbile blanket shutting out the world, and some manage to find their way out of the blanket quicker than others i suppose.

my sleeping patterns really couldnt get anymore messed up. i have no idea what happend, but now sleeping at 4am couldnt be any more normal. the quietest time of day is at 12-1pm. nothing is alive, and i randomly walk outside in the silence.
and i've become a social smoker.
oh, the other day was graduation ceremonies in the universities. it was so damned interesting, that i considered going to university here, just to take part in the graduation ceremony-they dress up in themes in groups, and the guys jump around to some beating music.

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  1. fine fine, the situation in iraq isnt as good as i make it out to be, but it doesnt stop it being the best time i've ever spent.

    and ewwwwwwwwwww sand and sweat. Start the scraping ammo.