Saturday, 6 June 2009


i dont like the clubs here. at all there not even fun, but more reduce you to cringing, though all the other guys seem to enjoy it. i suppose i've been raised to different values.

i seem to have a lack of life these days, i spend the whole day in probably 2 different rooms- the bedroon and the bathroom.
as you can see, i'm not having lots of fun. even though there's cinemas and fairgrounds here, its lacking something. its all modern on the good side-by that i mean the places are clean, and there's no queues everywhere.

its been very family orientated this visit, mainly solving and creating problems. don't you just love iraqi families. they're so large, you lose yourself. everyday brings a new problem, or new happiness in a occasion. i never realised the value of this. it annoyed me at first, but now i just regret my childhood was spent as my days are now. its a strong support structure i suppose.

its colder here than baghdad. less sand, and more things to do, yet some how i do less here than i did there.

and i seem to be hooked on cigarettes. its worrying slightly, but i actually almost enjoy smoking now. i'm not addicted yet, i suppose you can call me a social smoker ;)
and why are the soldiers (peshmerga?) always angry looking?