Saturday, 4 April 2009


right, i remember nothing about iraq, have been raised abroad and only know how to speak a little arabic. I thought it would all end in disaster, but really turns out money speaks for you. i feel a bit outdated here, as everyone has the newest technology, and society is not normal here.

i can't look at any girl in the eye. otherwise she gives me a disgusted you pervert look, i have to hang around either depressed 20 somethings or men who argue over something or the other, which i really couldn't care less about. thats without mentioning relatives who insist on intruding into every aspect of life.
these three weeks are going to be fun.

apparently i shouldn't wear hoodies any more. really it was getting to hot for that. as well, i am thinking of taking up smoking just to fit into the general crowd. baghdad shops keep up till 1am, and some posher cafes have dancers and keep up till later. i don't think my dad's gonna take me though, so i suppose i'm going to have to form a close friendship with male relatives.

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  1. welcome to Baghdad
    you'll get used to it sooner or later