Friday, 17 April 2009

street wise

holy shizzle i just saw a kurdish shop keeper in Baghdad.

We had a nice conversation, and for once everyone around me was the one asking me for translation. Not to seem smug or anything.
He seemed pissed off at kurdish nationilists, and although i'll be the first to admit that kurds are nationalist, i myself lie in the group that is clearly marked 'does not give a flying fuck'.

And so i am mhmd. Doesn't really make any difference to me, as iraq is iraq, but to everyone else, the difference is large.

well, actually the difference is large between lifestyles. Kurdish girls are completely different to iraqi arab girls, and kurdish and iraqi guys think in exactly the same way, but act differently.
kurdish guys flirt, wink and generally hit on every girl, whereas the other iraqi guys tend to be a lot more picky, and always use the whole moody approach to picking girls up.

Now, onto the girls.Most kurdish girls want to be spoiled, and as a rule are generally bad with kids. Iraqi arab girls are generally broody to a point, where it scares many guys away.
So mhmd, which ones are better to date/marry? Well, kurdish girls are best to date, unless they have psycho male relatives (suprisingly common), and iraqi arab girls are best to marry as they're far too traditional and/or have too low self esteem to date anyone other than the guy thats engaged to them, or will marry them.
Luckily for me, i have a choice of both, but right now i'm leaning more towards the arab girls- a kurdish girl once hailed down a torrent of snide remarks because i didint get her a bunch of flowers (i never have even seen her before!), and in the uk, the kurdish girls i met were ultra obsessed with looks and make up, that i really could never compete with their mirrors.

iraqi girls are generally okay until you meet one of those honey wouldnt melt types, whose way of speaking reminds me of a ten year old. Unfortunatly that accounts for 80% of them, although i am being persuaded that the only reason they are like this is because in almost every country where iraqis are present, the iraqi females outnumber the iraqi males.

Nice, i can start a harem.

In the wise words of bugs bunny- thats all folks.


  1. "Iraqi arab girls are generally broody to a point, where it scares many guys away."

    "they're far too traditional and/or have too low self esteem to date anyone other than the guy thats engaged to them, or will marry them."

    What the!?!
    And you honestly wonder why girls expect flowers off you?! You have a habit of insulting everyone before you even meet them!
    How's the weather up on your pedestal? Cold and Lonely?
    I'll try not to trip on my lowly child vomit covered dishdasha as i bow down to you.

  2. LOL at Touta's comment!

    Some interesting generalisations, mhmd.

    When it comes to nationalism, I think if more people came under the 'does not give a flying fuck' heading, things would be a lot more straightforward!

  3. I admire Touta when she has the rage of a nation. I think Mhmad is new to the Iraqi culture and needs to be given time to understand the culture and the tradition of our society.

  4. Iraqi girl is the best
    you will learn many things here about girls, they are nice and cute, beautiful and if they love some one, they will love him forever.
    you should compare Iraqi girl with a western one, not with a kurdish, kurdish and arab iraqi girl are both iraqis for me

  5. Touta
    fetch me a blanket woman, its very cold. Brrr.

    feminists unite!
    yeah, it would be better

    i don't.

    -the analysis of western girls is too easy: they are too needy for my likes, and they need constant reassurance. I suppose its to do with cultural differences. I don't like the amount of make up they wear, but their clothes are nicer.

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  7. Mhmd,

    Iraqi Arab girls are so broody it puts you off, and Western girls are too needy!

    You must make a big impression!!

    I don't like the amount of make up they wear----------

    Agree with you there. I prefer when girls wear little or no make-up. Some of them over here (and I'm sure in England too) look like Oompa-Loompas with that organge make-up caked onto their faces. Natural is best.

    but their clothes are nicer------------

    Translation: they wear less clothes! :)

  8. JG

    You read me like a book. ;)

  9. Mhmd,

    How're you?
    Are you still in Baghdad?
    DId you go to Al-Mutanabi street last Friday?

    Take care,


  10. Hahaha This conversation is funny!
    I am an american woman, married to an Iraqi man... he is not Americanized, we are from different religious backgrounds, different upbringing and we are in love and happy.
    I think there is a tremendous amount of prejudiced and ignorance which causes a separation and hatred... we are all God's people and shouldn't be so judgmental and ridiculous! Also, FYI, there are woman of every culture that wear too much makeup and expect flowers! =)